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Davalos_Daily is a LJ Community for the talented actress, Alexa Davalos.

Alexa Davalos Daily is your LJ fix to the gorgeous and talented Alexa Davalos. Brought to you by the original and largest Alexa Davalos fansite, Alexa-Davalos.com, in hopes to bring the Alexa community closer together and in time help spread the love of this amazing actress. Alexa is best known for her roles of Gwen Raiden on the television series Angel, Kyra on the movie production The Chronicles of Riddick, and of her role of Samantha from the short-lived series Reunion. This community was created to join Alexa fans from all over the world and support the actress together. To learn more about Alexa check out IMDB.com or our fansite Alexa-Davalos.com

All posts will be members only, simply to help maintain and avoid any spam or flamers, so feel free to join if you want to view or add posts. I will be adding a daily photo of Alexa here but members are able to make posts as well of any new images, scans, information, icons, and/or graphics.

Be Kind. It's a basic and simple rule but it applies to everything. If you don't like Alexa then there's no point in you being here.

No Hotlinking. This is considered Bandwidth theft. If you want to link to a photo make sure you upload it to your Photo Bucket, or ImageShack. It's free people.

Cut Pictures & Posts. If the picture you are posting is more than 470 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height then please put it behind a cut, the same is said if your post is lengthy as most people don't like seeing those kind of posts on their friends list. For more information on LJ-cuts and how to do them please click here.

Tags are your friends. If your going to post a photo use the tag "photo" and if you're going to post an icon use the tag "icon" and so on. This helps fans when browsing through the community. For more information on Tags and how to do them please click here.

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• Rules: Inspired by bosworth_daily

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