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here are
{21}-krya icons from the chronicles of riddick
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29th-Dec-2007 09:23 pm - WELCOME VISITOR
alexa - all smiles

Welcome to davalos_daily! Basically this is a LJ community for the gorgeous, talented, and adorable actress, Alexa Davalos. Alexa is best known for her roles of Gwen Raiden on the television series Angel, Kyra on the movie production The Chronicles of Riddick, and of her role of Samantha from the short-lived series Reunion. This community was created to join Alexa fans from all over the world and support the actress together. To learn more about Alexa check out IMDB.com or our fansite Alexa-Davalos.com

This is a "Member's Only" Community so simply join by clicking here. Please take a moment to read our rules before posting just so we're all on the same page.

Because this is a Daily LJ (hense the name davalos_daily hehe) I will be posting an image daily and sometimes graphics or other neat things as a treat. Unlike other daily journals, I want fans to join in on the fun, so you will be able to post as well. To read more about that go here.

We are looking for all types of affiliates so contact me. Now, what are you waiting for?! Go join already!

♥ Jay
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